5 Unique Items For A Romantic Breakfast


Are you planning to surprise your significant other with something romantic? Whether it’s an anniversary, Valentine’s day, his or her birthday, or any other ordinary day, it is always a great idea to start the day with a romantic breakfast meal – prepared by you, of course.

Everyone loves to be pampered early in the morning. If you want to impress your significant other, preparing breakfast is the way to go. If breakfast in bed (literally) isn’t an option, then you can try having breakfast in your room, in the garden, or any other place in the house romantic enough for you. But before you do so, don’t forget to include any of these unique items to add a dash of romance to your breakfast.

1. Couple mugs for coffee or tea


Since it goes without saying that every good breakfast needs coffee or tea, it is advisable to prepare fitting mugs to drink from. Couple mugs are cute and romantic and can start the meal with style. There are many designs to choose from. Pick a design that describes both of you.

2. Heart-shaped teapot


If you think your ordinary teapot isn’t suitable for the occasion, better get a heart-shaped teapot. The shape tells a lot about the day and how you feel about each other. If available, you can opt to get heart-shaped cups and saucers as well.

3. Matching glasses for juice or water


Apart from couple mugs, you can also get couple glasses to hold juice or water. Choose those with romantic messages or designs. Your partner will love the idea.

4. Huggable throw pillows


Since it’s breakfast, your partner may still be drowsy and would still want to drag a pillow from bed. Remedy this by putting huggable throw pillows in the breakfast area. If you plan to eat in bed, this won’t be a problem. If you eat outdoors, you can put this on individual chairs.

5. Statement blankets for comfort


Like throw pillows, blankets are sources of comfort when you are asleep. When you head to the breakfast table, (preferably outside) wrap your loved one with a statement blanket for warmth and security. Choose one with a striking message to make it more meaningful.

If you find getting everything on this list ridiculously cheesy, then consider preparing one or two. What other suggestions would you like to include?

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About the author: Based in San Diego, California, Melissa Page loves to blog about romance and great gift ideas for women. When she’s not busy writing, she’s usually out with her friends.

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