Brazil’s Insano Is The World’s Highest Water Slide

In mankind’s quest for ever greater thrills, an insane one was added – The worlds highest water slide in Brazil.

Officially the world’s highest water slide, close to the Brazilian city of Fortaleza, Insano lets park visitors experience what it’s like to fall for fourteen stories. Known as one of the most thrilling water park attractions in the world, Insano was built in 1989, and at 41 meters high, it still holds the record for the highest water slide on Earth.

That’s as tall as a 14 storey building! The reason that Insano is called “the most extreme equipment of this type on the planet” is the slide’s steepness, according to the park’s official site.

The entire decent only takes four to five seconds (long enough for your whole life to flash before your eyes), as your body reaches speeds approaching 105 km/h. That’s as fast as a Lamborghini! They will only allow the classic water slide position to be used, to avoid any injuries. Persons with special needs, pregnant women, and children under fourteen are not allowed to use it. One visitor said, “It’s a lot like bungee jumping, but without using a cord.”

Insano water slide


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