UFOs Are Real Says Former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister

former deputy prime minister paul hellerA previous Canadian minister of national defense, also a former deputy prime minister of Canada, and the longest serving current member of the Queen’s Privy Council (made up of “prominent Canadians appointed to advise the queen on issues of importance to the country”), has started talking publicly about his belief that UFOs are interplanetary vehicles carrying visitors to Earth. The Honorable Paul Hellyer was Canada’s minister of national defense in 1963. He was responsible for integrating and unifying the Royal Canadian army, navy and air force into a single organization, the Canadian Armed Forces.

Hellyer is very outspoken on the reality of UFOs, and has criticized the U.S. government for reportedly covering up UFO information and alien visitors to Earth. “Oh, I’m absolutely convinced of it. These things were not invented here. And I think people have to get accustomed to this new reality,” Hellyer told AOL News. “We lived too long in a sense of isolation, thinking that Earth was the center of the cosmos, that we were the only species and, therefore, probably the most advanced. And when we come to the realization that we’re not any of those things, then I think we should be aware of it, learn to live with it and certainly try to take advantage of anything that we can learn from visitors from anywhere.”

For more information about Paul, visit his website at www.paulhellyerweb.com.


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