Will’s Thoughts About Why People Run For Political Office

Wills ThoughtsWhy do people run for political office? Politics is a thankless job. Sometimes it can be painful, at others tragic, but most often triumphant. Getting yourself elected is no easy job, unless you happen to be a fence post wearing a hat during a lynching election. You know the kind, where the population wants political blood, lots of political blood, and they’re willing to sell their souls to Satan to get it. I’ve never understood the desire to run for politics. To me it would be like running for class president your entire life. Sometimes winning, sometimes not. I reckon the love of a social spotlight has its appeal to those amazing acting and arts folks, but why would anyone be willing to toss aside family, friends and even their own dreams to gain it by becoming a politician?

I figure that there are folks who put themselves forward as candidates because they truly want to make a difference (we’ll get to them later), and then there are the ‘Freaks’. Freaks run awfully close to the line of being sociopathic. Ironically, they’re a two edged sword. On one hand they lack the ability to forge deep, loving, faithful relations, doing whatever they want to other people with no remorse, but Lord forbid if anyone does even the slightest thing to them! They tend to be aggressive control freaks, and in many cases abusive. On the other hand, they do possess a ‘git ‘er dun’ attitude. There was a time in history when society actually needed them. The times were hard, violent and deadly. It took strong leaders who had no feelings to rule, but today’s society no longer needs them. We have evolved to the point that we know what’s best for ourselves. Now we only need people to execute our will, not theirs. The sea has been parted, it is time to cross.

Now to the folks who want to make a difference. There are two kinds of them. One is the kind who cannot, and will not, bend to pressure. They doggedly pursue justice, frequently to their own political demise. The system is stacked against them, they are straws of decency floating in a sea of deception. The other kind is more of a political half-mime, half cameleon – Faceshifters. Their colours change according to location and occasion. The successful ones adapt quickly, learning the ‘art’ of finesse. Both have admirable points and flaws, and both are better than sociopaths. We’re lucky locally, our candidates are a fine mix of folks. It’s a good combination of seasoned pros (Boone, Crowley and Harris) and up-and-comers (Levine, Redl and Zimmer).

For Dick Harris, this election holds special significance. It may well be the culmination of a political struggle that began decades ago as a protest movement (Reform party), and then evolved to resurrect a crushed and decimated national party (Conservatives). But Dick has always belonged to a party that remained a minority, both as opposition and as government. Should the Conservatives finally win a majority in this election, Dick’s political dreams will come to fruition.

This election I urge you all to chose the right people, not the right party. In order to do that, you need to drop party blinders to clearly see who stands before you. Give each of the candidates a fair chance. Get to know them, and then trust your instincts. Attend candidate debates. If candidates have a website, take a few moments and read up on them. If they have a campaign office, drop by and grab some information. I’d love to see an independent or two step into the fray, just to give folks even more choices. I suspect that if they did, they’d do surprisingly well. While I can’t personally figure out why anyone would want to become a politician, allowing themselves to be symbolic fire hydrants in dog parks, and treated accordingly by party and public, I thank them because they do. To the local candidates, those curious class presidents that never grew up, faceshifters and straws, good luck.
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