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Every city has its quirks and Denver is no exception. If you’re from the area, then you’ll probably agree with these 10 pieces of interesting city data.

  1. You drink microbrews even though Coors is right down the road.
    There are 160 breweries in Colorado, which is 8% of the nation’s total. Coloradoans love local brews.
  2. You can’t eat a burrito unless it’s covered in green chili.
    You don’t have to look far in Denver to find TexMex. lists 428 Tex-Mex restaurants in the area.
  3. You ski and so much more.
    Nearly 20% of Denver adults report having skied within the last year, according to a recent Scarborough Research study. The research also found that Denver adults are more likely to take yoga classes, join a gym, and hike than adults in other parts of the country.
  4. You consider yourself eco-friendly.
    Scarborough Research found that Denverites are more environmentally concerned than the rest of the country. For instance, 75% of Denver residents use energy efficient light bulbs compared to the 69% national average, and 44% of Denver residents buy locally grown food compared to the 32% national average. Even more interesting, 14% of Denver adults vote for politicians because of their stance on environmental issues, compared to the 7% national average.
  5. You don’t own a snow blower.
    It’s true that parts of Colorado receive incredible amounts of snow, but not Denver. The city
    sees an average of 16 inches of precipitation a year. Snow rarely sits on the ground for long. Denver residents see a number of 50 and 60 degrees throughout the winter months.
  6. You wear sun block throughout the year.
    In addition to warm temps, Denver has a lot of sunny days – 300 sunny days on average. Given the high altitude, it is bright in Denver! Sun block and sunglasses are a necessity.
  7. You wake up parched.
    While we’re on the topic of weather, Denver has very low humidity. As a result, residents often suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, and crazy thirst.
  8. You can’t remember the last time you swatted a mosquito.
    Given the altitude and semi-arid climate, Denver residents don’t have to bother too much with bugs.
  9. You know what it means when someone says “Boulder Bubble”.
    Boulder, Colorado, is 30 miles from Downtown Denver. Home of the University of Colorado, the Flatirons, and a booming start-up scene, many “Boulderites” have a reputation for staying within Boulder County and rarely visiting Denver.
  10. You work for yourself.
    That same Scarborough research found that Denver adults are 52% more likely to be self-employed or be small business owners.

This is a guest post by Allison Murray. Allison recommends finding more information about Denver statistics and other city stats at

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