Dang Dumbasses | Stupid Things Said To Appear Brilliant [VIDEO]

Dang Dumbasses with Special Guest Mark From Alaska

“In this video I look into the remarkably stupid things that smarty-pants people, also known as dang dumbasses, say to make themselves look and/or sound intelligent. My good buddy, and true Alaskan wild man, Mark, shares an Alaskan bush point of view about said statements and people as well!”
~ Haywire Willy

Dang Dumbasses with Special Guest Mark From Alaska

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Dang Dumbasses By Haywire Willy Reveals Brilliant Idiocy

I’m Haywire Willy, a right opinionated senior citizen who loves to share his views on life with anyone willing to listen. Old people like me have learned a few things here and there, and sometimes it’s nice to share them. I live with Crazy Lady and our two amazing cats, none of which who like to hear the aforementioned opinions. I’m neither socially or politically correct (and no intention of being so). What I am is anti-establishment, anti-social, and consumed with anecdotes. I tell things like I see them, and I see things that a lot of folks choose not to see, in ways most that folks never see. So if you enjoying listening to the inside of someone else’s mind, you’ll likely enjoy the thoughts of my kind. Oh, and I truly do appreciate you watching my videos.


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