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Muppets Most Wanted Review

Muppets Most Wanted Review By Clifford T. Hofferd

A Review Of Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted Kermit: “We’re doing a sequel!” Bunsen Honeydew: “Technically it’s our seventh Sequel.” That exchange between Kermit and Professor Bunsen Honeydew is not quoted verbatim, but it gives...

Train - British Columbia

Lure Of The Railway Trains By Ron Murdock

The Lure Of The Railway Trains By Ron Murdock It seems to be something that gets into a person’s bloodstream at a young age. But once diesel smoke gets into a person’s body, it’s...


The State Of Being Homeless By Ron Murdock

Homelessness is no longer a big city problem; it’s in communities of any size. Most take our possessions for granted when we leave home, and lock the door knowing everything will probably be safe...

Smoke from cigarette

Up In Smoke By Ron Murdock

Just how far the anti-smoking gang will go to enforce no smoking by-laws remains to be seen. Will they install security cameras in ever car, house and public area? Will they have paid snitches keeping an eye on us?